One of the most traditional national pastime foods of Japan, the Imagawa-yaki (known at Fulfilled© as Ima, pronounced ē-ma,) is a pancake-like pastry filled with sweet Azuki bean handcrafted carefully on a cast aluminum grill. Originating from the heart of Tokyo in the early 1800's during the Edo period, it is still sold today in the hip shopping districts and during seasonal festivals all over Japan. It is a unique and delicious snack that is loved by all generations as it symbolizes the essence of Japan's traditional roots – now updated for a modern taste.

Through the spirit and form of this symbolic Japanese comfort food, Fulfilled© brings you a new creation of delicious flavors and textures to be enjoyed any time. Using top quality ingredients and our unique pastry, each Fulfilled© Ima is created carefully on our traditional Japanese hot plate, served warm and fresh to fulfill your cravings. Whether savory or sweet, we have unique flavors to tempt your taste buds, including our signature banana-Nutella, our traditional Azuki bean, and our gourmet chicken apple sausage Ima.

Come visit us and be Fulfilled!

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